Jesus Christ gave us the commandment to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Jesus sent his disciples two by two going from house to house and village to village to bring the message of the glorious gospel to the lost. This is the pattern that we follow when we go Soulwinning. We believe that every saved believer is called to share their faith and that it is not an act reserved for those who have a special gift or calling. For those who have never shared the Gospel and would like to learn, we will partner them with an experienced Soulwinner that can train them and teach them how to effectively present the good news. Additionally, below you will find video of a soulwinning seminar taught by Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church.

Our church has several locations and soulwinning times to chose from each week. If you would like more information about Soulwinning or are interested in attending a time or event please contact us here.

Monday:               6:00 PM- Brother Remy Thompson

Tuesday:               6:00 PM- Brother Robert Alcorta**

Wednesday:        6:00 PM- Brother Remy Thompson

Thursday:             5:15 PM- Brother Temo Alvarez*

Friday:                   3:00 PM- Brother Sean Harrington

Saturday:              11:00 AM- Brother Dillon Awes

Saturday PM:       3:00 PM- Brother Robert Alcorta

Sunday:                 2:00 PM Brother Justin Sawyer*

* Meet at the Church Building

** Nursing Home Ministry

Regional Soulwinning

Eugene, OR- Brother Joe Richey

Soulwinning Seminar by Pastor Roger Jimenez: